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RENTALS in Locust Lake Village

Locust Lake Village in the Poconos offers two types of rental homes, each with unique features and benefits.

First, there are Vacation Rentals which are ideal for short-term stays.

Vacation Rentals can be booked through our affiliate site Booking.com. On here are rentals in the Poconos and Locust Lake Village, and are generally 2-30 nights.

These are for families looking for a vacation stay and are located through out the Poconos Mountains in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Many are in Locust Lake Village.

 Alternatively, Yearly Rentals are perfect for those seeking longer-term accommodations, exceeding six months.

The process for Yearly Rentals involves contacting an agent at USA Realty, who will guide you through the rental process, including a credit check, work verification, and references. It’s important to note that there may be a fee for a credit check, and most rentals require at least a one-month security deposit, sometimes two. 

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